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What is Digital Marketing? Types of Marketing? & Who can Learn Digital Marketing


Advertising of products and services or Promotion of a Business is known as Marketing. Marketing is essential for any business in order to take it to next level. Mainly there are 2 types of marketing.

  1. Traditional Marketing
  2. Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing:

Traditional marketing is promotion of products and services through offline ways. In this kind of marketing we will not be using any online mediums or digital technologies to advertise any business, products or services.

Examples: TV advertising, Newspaper Advertising, Flexis, Banners, Pamphlets, Billboards, etc.,

Digital Marketing / Digital Advertising:

Marketing or Promotion of a brand, business or products and services by making use of online mediums and digital technologies is known as digital marketing. Digital marketing includes advertising on various online platforms or Online mediums like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Pinterest, YouTube etc.,

Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing – Advantages of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing:

Digital marketing is trending currently. Let’s see some of the reasons why we have to why we have to choose digital marketing over traditional marketing.

  • Now a days most of the people are spending their time online.
  • While promoting through digital marketing, we can target specific audience based on age, gender, location, marital status, parental status, interests etc., which is not possible in case of traditional marketing.
  • With the help of digital marketing we can also target people who are actively searching for our products and services.
  •  With low cost of investment, it is possible to get high ROI (Return on Investment) with digital marketing.
  • We can also do Remarketing or Retargeting with digital marketing, which is not possible with traditional marketing.
  • The impact of digital advertising can be measurable and analyzed with the help of various analytics tools. Ex: Google Analytics, Adobe analytics etc.,

Who can Learn Digital Marketing:

  • Students
  • Working professionals
  • Entrepreneurs / Business people
  • Content writers
  • Web designers
  • Freelancers
  • People who want to restart their career (House wives) / Career shifters
  • People who want to earn money online

Digital Marketing Modules:

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