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Web Basics for Digital Marketing

An online presence or a digital platform is mandatory in order to do digital marketing. This online platform can be a Website or a Mobile App. Two things are mandatory in order to start designing a website. They are:

  • Domain and
  • Hosting


Domain is the name of the website, using which internet users can access or reach our website. Domain names will vary from one website to other.

Ex: In the below URL’s domain name is defined in a different color.

  1. www.digiready.in   – Here domain is ‘digiready’
  2. www.crunchstories.in
  3. www.amazon.in


In the above-mentioned URL’s ‘www’ represents World Wide Web. It is mostly commonly known as Web. It is an internet consortium company. It gives access to the information present in the server.


All the websites information or data files are stored in a server. When a user or a visitor searches for anything on a Browser or a search engine Web (www) sends a request to the server and server retrieves all the relevant information to the user.

Browsers – Google chrome, Firefox, Microsoft edge, Brave, Opera etc.,
Search Engines – Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Ask.com etc.,

Domain Extensions

Domain extensions are also known as Top Level Domains (TLD). It is a notation that is present at the end of each web address. They either represent type of the website (Internet category) or to which country that domain is specific to (Country Code).

Always choose domain extensions that are relevant to the content of the website you are going to develop. Irrelevant domain extensions may mislead customers.


  1. www. Amazon.com
  2. www.digiready.in   – Here domain extension is ‘.in’
  3. www.abc.us
  4. www.narayana.edu
  5. www.ndtv.online
  6. www.hari.bikes
  7. www.creams.beauty

Some types of domain extensions and what they represent:

Internet Category Country Specific
.com (Commercial) .org (Organization) .edu (Educational Institutes) .gov – (Government) .net (Network) .fit (fitness) .tv (channels) .biz (Business) .info (Information) .me (Personal)   .in (India) .us (USA) .uk (United Kingdom) .de (Germany) .eu (European Union) .pk (Pakistan) .ar (Argentina)  


It is also known as Website Hosting or Web Hosting. It is space in a Server. In order to develop and launch our website, we need to buy space in server i.e., hosting.

All domains will not occupy same amount of space in server they buy based on their requirements. For Example: Amazon requires huge amount of space as it has millions of products whereas a normal static website does not require that huge space in server.

Let’s see how exactly it works…

How server works according to the visitor's request on a browser


How server responds according to the visitor’s request on a browser

Web hosting is simply buying or owning space on the internet where you store your website and serve it to users. When people want to visit your website, all they need to do is type the address or domain of your website into their browser. Once their computer gets connected to your server, the browser will display your web pages from server.

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